The wood is what makes our beds special.
Why a bed of KleinZwart
As a parent, you want to tell your child about the world, take him or her to the parc or forest, let it quickly recognize animal sounds and after a few years let it draw a house and a tree. For us it is self-evident that you also allow your child to sleep in a bed of solid wood. Where you can not only tell about the trees during reading, but can show the colors and figures that are visible in wood. Not only because it is beautiful, but also because the solid wood ensures that it is strong and lasts for generations. Your child can use this bed later for his/her children.

How we make the beds
On Monday we will (depending on the type of wood) go to the miller or to the fine-wood supplier. We get honest, approved and unprocessed wood. No shelf is the same and we select by color, shape and quality. The amount of wood needed depends on the chosen bed and on the type of wood. In the planing of the wood, one wood sometimes reacts differently than the other wood, so we have to reject boards. We do not throw away any wood. For example, we make KleinZwart Toys from the residual wood.

After the wood is in the workshop, it is first made to the correct thickness and width. We have opted for a thicker bed than you see in stores. This makes the bed heavier, but also firmer, so it can take a bump and the lifespan is extended. We want to make sure that it goes on generation by generation.

Then we make the wood parts at the right length and we break the edges. This is an important process when making a bed. Our saws are razor sharp and make tight corners of 90 degrees. These corners also make the wood sharp and by cutting the edges we cut away the sharp side of every plank. This makes it safe for you and your child and the bed feels comfortable.

Every bed is sanded for several days. We start with a very coarse grain and build up to a fine grain. When we see scratches, we step back and build up again to the fine grain. We do this not only to get rid of the saw cuts, but also to make the bed feel soft. In the following days, a possible bourder is made and we glue the first parts.

If you look at (untreated) wood up close, it has all the small holes. That's why we rub the bed in (by hand!) with a wax that closes the holes. This wax is harmless for children, animals and plants. After it has been retracted, we re-apply it to give a satin finish. This needs another day to harden and in the meantime we make a bottom in the bed. Because the bed is also adjustable in height, we make the side of the bottom in the same type of wood as the bed, so that it is a beautiful combination.

We find it an honor that you have chosen our bed and deliver it quickly to your home.

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