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What makes KleinZwart furniture special
We make solid wood furniture, specially for your baby room. Because real wood has color & structure and is strong. So strong that it lasts for generations and your child can use the furniture again later.

Your child's room deserves special furniture. We understand that no room is the same and we would like to communicate with you that the dimensions and type of wood of a piece of furniture exactly match your room. To emphasize that it's your special piece of furniture, we provide it with a unique number.

How we make the furniture
We get honest, tested and unprocessed wood from the miller or fine wood supplier. No shelf is the same and we select on color, shape and quality. We don't throw away any wood. For example, we make the KleinZwart Toys from the residual wood.

Each piece of furniture is sanded several days. We do this to make the furniture feel soft. After sanding, we rub in (by hand!) with a wax that secures the wood and ensures a satin finish. This wax is a natural product and is harmless to children, animals and plants.

All furniture is delivered by ourselves.

KleinZwart custom made

The world needs icons. Who choose something else. For those who inspire, KleinZwart creates. A furniture that stands on its own. Just like your child. Unique.