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Our Maple has a heartwood that is uniformly pale reddish brown or light tan, the sapwood is white with a reddish tinge. It has a typically straight grain which can sometimes be wavy or curly, and a fine, even texture. The classic bird's eye form has brownish dots on a whitish background.


Our Walnut can range from light brown to dark chocolate and purplish black with a creamy coloured sapwood. The slightly open grain is typically straight but can be curly or wavy.


Our Oak can vary in colour from light tan or pale yellow-brown to dark or pale brown and can have a pinkish tint. The wood usually has a straight, open grain and is medium to coarse in texture. It has longer rays than red oak and therefore displays more figure, which can include swirls, crotch pattern, burls and a tiger-ray flake pattern.

Own choice

Do you have a beautiful type of wood in mind? Contact us by phone or email and we make the crib the type of wood of your choice!

KleinZwart custom made

The world needs icons. Who choose something else. For those who inspire, KleinZwart creates. A crib that stands on its own. Just like your child. Unique.